Figuring Out My Life Values

Figuring out our life’s values is the key to happiness. That’s what people say isn’t it. Find your real values, the ones that you truly believe in and you’ll live your happiest life.

On paper it makes complete sense, being true to yourself will always lead to greater happiness than not being true to who you are, but the reality of his is much harder than it seems.

I’ve been trying for some time to figure these out, and although I understand what some of them are I’m certainly not there yet.

Maybe it’s through the lack of trying at times, it’s so easy to get caught in life and sometimes the mundanity of it, we forget to keep accessing if we are happy and if we are really living how we want to. Being aware of this and self development all take time.

When we’ve had a busy day and are tired, the last thing I know I want to do is focus on self development. Instead I want to relax, put my feet up and tell myself things happen for a reason. But how will I ever live life true to myself if I think like that. This is where it stops.

I’ve promised myself to learn what really matters to me and work on really living by them. I know this won’t happen overnight or even in a year, but if I can start the process for what might mean living my real life in 5 years from now then it’s worth every bit of trying.

Whilst I haven’t got a list of my own values to share with you, I do however understand what it is that makes me happy, I know when I do them or follow them my sense of happiness and self worth increase. These are the things that give me the greatest joy in life and things that allow me to thrive daily.

Each day is an opportunity to learn and discover something new about ourselves, and I hope that by sharing my needs/values in life with you that it will encourage you to also do the same and help you to also start living life how you really want to be.

Being In Nature As Much As Possible

This is probably a given for most, being in nature and outdoors, especially in the sunshine makes people happy.

This is definitely when I am my most happiest, I love being outside and I love the sunshine. To be able to be outdoors and feel the warm sun on my skin, nothing compares.

This may sound crazy but I get a lot out of being able to go into the garden and take my socks off, feel the ground underneath my feet and soak up all of it for what it is. Put a good book in my hands with this and I can be content for hours.

The simpler the things are in life the happiest I seem to be.

Adventure And Exploration

This one ties in with the one above. I enjoy being able to explore new places and seeing new things.

Adventure makes me feel alive, whether it’s simply going down the coast where I’ve been many times or going somewhere I’ve never been before.

One of my favourite things to do is to go walking or hiking. I enjoy going somewhere and just walking for hours. Be it in the countryside or up a mountain.

When you have nothing but nature around you it certainly make you realise how small we really are in this world.

Having Financial Freedom

When I say financial freedom I don’t mean to have lots of money to buy whatever I want when I want.

You may have guessed from the above statements that having lots of money isn’t really something I consider as a value of mine, however I do believe in having the financial freedom in being able to support oneself and enjoying life for what it has to offer.

I don’t feel we need a lot of money to live a comfortable life.

Things only get expensive when we start buying the expensive luxuries, ie, nice cars, big houses, designer clothes, watches, shoes, going to expensive restaurants etc.. you get the idea.

We’ve got so caught up in who has the most of something that we forget the really value to life. I’ve definitely found that the less I have the more content with life I’ve become.

To give you a little insight into the way I live, the car I own I’ve had probably nearly 8 years, it’s clocked up a good 110000 miles and to some may think I should have got a new car a long time ago. However in my mind I don’t see this being a problem. It drives me exactly the same as any other car, it gets me from A to B, and it costs me next to nothing to run and tax.

Another example is how I dress, I don’t wear anything designer, and enjoy just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, this makes me feel comfortable and doesn’t cost a lot to buy.

I live a minimalist lifestyle where I don’t own a lot of belongings, meaning I can enjoy such things in life that create memories over having material items.

After all doesn’t a £10,000 watch tell the same time as a £50 watch?

Being Around Real People

Real conversations and real emotions. I love that!

Although a bit of an introvert myself I actually really like people, I enjoy learning about people, their backgrounds, their beliefs and their dreams. I want to know what makes someone tick, what makes them happy and what makes them cry.

Unfortunately it’s a rarity to come across this nowadays, I myself sometimes struggle being completely real and being my raw open self; this stems from my low self esteem (although that’s for another blog), but I try as hard as I can to just be me whether I think I look silly or not, and I wish more people could just be comfortable in being who they are.

When I meet someone that is real I will have a lot of time for them.

I love people who are a bit goofy and a bit quirky, I don’t care where you come from or who you are, whether you live in a caravan, that you might not have an expensive car, or you might just live in a house share, none of that matters at all.

What matters is who you are on the inside.

Quality Time With Loved Ones

I think this should be a value in everyone’s life.

Probably one of most important ones too. Having quality time with family, friends and my partner Reece is essential for my happiness.

Again with the way society is nowadays this gets a little lost, we become focused too much on earning lots of money, working all the hours possible and burning ourselves out.

We end up neglecting those around us, making the excuse of working to support ‘us’, yet if you had less expenses, less outgoings, you wouldn’t have to work so hard or be so stressed.

It’s a wonder why so many relationships fail these days. What good is all that money if you have no time to see those you love.

Afterall money can only get you so far.

Quality Time Alone

Although the complete opposite of the above value I do feel we all need our own time to just be in our own thoughts.

Me being a bit of an introvert I do need quality time alone to recharge my batteries, spending too much time around people, especially very loud people, I find I end up needing time out just to relax and feel like me again.

I also find that when I’m alone I can access all my thoughts a little easier, I can put things together in my head if need be and my alone time also allows me to solve any issues I may have or to come up with new ideas or be creative if I wanted to be.

Now I’ve shared my needs/values in life, let me know yours. Do you have any similar to me, or are they completely different, I’d love to hear. Comment below and let’s share our real raw selves with one another 🙂

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